7 Tipps for viral marketing

The post is a little older, but nevertheless interesting. Thomas Baekdal lists 7 tipps for successful viral marketing. Since we were just talking about this in the agency, this reminds me of a certain serendipity effect. (Accidentally finding something when you’re in the right mindset.)

The 7 tipps are as follows:

1: Make people feel something
2: Do something unexpected
3: Do not try to make advertisements (that sucks)
4: Make sequels
5: Allow Sharing, downloading and embedding
6: Connect with comments
7: Never restrict access!

Of course there is explanations and examples to each one of these, so click yourself through here and take a look. Summarising, he writes:

There is a common message in all of these tricks. It is that you need to make it right – or not do it at all. Only the best viral marketing campaigns make it – the rest literally sucks.

This is very true and it is most likely the point which is the most difficult to sell to clients…

(hat tip to Todd)

Seven Brand and Marketing Trends for 2007

Robert Passikoff writes about seven brand and marketing trends for 2007

He starts of with a nice quote:

Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr once noted that “prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,�

And then continues pitching his company USP:

but then he didn’t have access to predictive loyalty metrics. Happily, we at Brand Keys do.

The 7 trends are (*drumroll here*):

  1. An ongoing emphasis on “engagement.�
  2. More reliance on consumer-generated content.
  3. More, more branded entertainment.
  4. Media planning will become more “touch point� focused.
  5. Using technology and engagement to better communicate with consumer expectations.
  6. Expanding the potential of Websites, blogs, and the digital world.
  7. Innovation and loyalty will matter more.

Sounds good. But there is nothing really new in this. The only difference being, that these trends will probably now reach a certain visibility among marketers so that we’ll see a lot more campaigns, tactics, etc. around these 7 points. I am certainly looking forward to that.