Gates and Jobs interviewed during the D5

This is one of those most amazing setups: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are being interviewd during the „All Things Digital“ conference this year. They talk about the computer, software and internet industry, some thoughts about the history but also the future, etc. Well worth watching, also very entertaining!


It already starts with a prologue of other incidents in the last few decades, when the two met for discussions.

Watch Steve talk about things he can’t talk about yet, but „they are beautiful, so amazing, they will blow you away“. Again and again. And Bill trying to tell fascinating stories by stating facts.

If you don’t have the time to watch it all the way, make sure you watch at least the „highlights reel

Links & News, 26.11.06

I haven’t done this in a while, since I prefer proper Blogposts to link lists, but here is a bullet point list of articles about „web 3.0“:

  • Robert Scoble writes about Bill Gates and the fact that Bill Gates thinks we’re again in some sort of bubble. Also providing his own view why he thinks that this is not necessarily true.
  • Dan Farber from ZDNet also thinks that Web 3.0 is bubbling up. And it will be the Semantic Web.
  • The NY Times Article announces Web 3.0 and is seemingly widely discussed. If anything, there is one interesting point:
  • In its current state, the Web is often described as being in the Lego phase, with all of its different parts capable of connecting to one another. Those who envision the next phase, Web 3.0, see it as an era when machines will start to do seemingly intelligent things.

  • Ross Mayfield says there is no „Web 3.0“ and calls it a Marketing Desaster.

It is about the semantic web, which is fine, generally speaking. But I just think there is too much future-hype in this. Web 2.0 hasn’t even happened for the average Joe-on-the-Web. It’s entertainning to think about how „Web 3.0“ will look like, but let’s still focus on Web 2.0 for now, ok?