Links & News – Obama Social Media Special

Obama’s social and online media campaign were exemplary, indeed. Now we would obviously like to see the stats and results. Here is a short list of the first sites listing results or impressions of the Obama campaign:

Even more numbers on the online community of Obama.

A flickr photo set of various social media activity during the Obama campaign.

„Communities dominate Brands“ with an Obama Social Media Meltdown,

A simple Google count showing that Obama’s campaign achieved to a lot more Google links in the last few years, than George Bush in his 9 years of term.

Read/write web with a comparison of the activities of MacCain and Obama. – how Obama keeps the community involved.

I just wrote a fun post about the post election hang over many supporters allegedly face according to „the onion“, and just two seconds later I see this hint in one of Jeremiahs tweets:

The team of Obama just launched a new site. A site that will run (at least) until the time of his presidency. It features a blog, information about his main agenda points, as well as a platform for his supporters to tell their story:

The story of this campaign is your story. It is about the great things we can do when we caome together around a common purpose. We want to hear your inspiring stories from the campaign and Election Day.

It’s amazing the way Obama, Biden and their team leverage the web and hence involve „their community“. If Obama continues in the same perfectionist way with all the other items on his agenda, then the USA will be on a very good path during the next 4 years.

When you campaign, don’t stop.

I have written about the notion of campaigning vs commiting and the fact that social media is not about short lived campaigns but more often about building up conversations and long term relationships.
The online part of the election campaign of Barack Obama was one of the most sophisticated social media campaigns I have seen in a long time.

But in politics, everythings is timed. Everything builds up for the election, then there is the big climax, as we have seen last Tuesday, and now the campaign is over, done, dusted. Obama is already busy putting his cabinett together (he must not loose time addressing all the problems that his predecessor caused in the last 8 years!), and there is no involvement of the Obama supporters any longer.

The pressure is gone, and all the most active supporters have nothing to talk about, nothing to live up to any more. Here is a television news report on the sad victims of post election hang over:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

😉 have fun! I am glad the election turned out the way it did!

Oh Boy Obama – crowd sourced campaigning

Barack Obama seems to utilize quite a few social media tools, having many speeches published on youtube, twittering, and of course blogging and a facebook profile. Now he has launched a crowd sourcing platform „oh boy obama„, on which people can vote for projects during his presidency, once he wins the election.

The concept behind these types of services is that by letting users suggest ideas and vet them via a community voting process, you’ll be left with only the ideas that your most loyal customers really want – and that these are things that are most likely to succeed in the marketplace.

The idea is basically the same as for „my starbucks idea„, „dell ideastorm“ or even „tchibo ideas“ (in Germany). Everybody can submit an idea, users then vote on the ideas, comment&discuss, etc. Apparently, the idea was born out of necessity, but I don’t quite fathom why people might think that Obama has not reached out to the online audience sufficiently enough (as it says in this article).

While I think he does well using all these social media tools, his new platform has one critical flaw as a commenter to one of my previous posts on this type of crowd sourcing noted: the same way users can see the new ideas (and vote&comment), so can his political opponents. And the might see in which direction his campaign topics could be targeted.

Nevertheless, I sometimes wish German politicians would increasingly use these tools…