10 future web trends for the next 10 years

It really seems like prediction season started again. I also found 10 predictions by read/writeweb about what to expect in the next 10 years. Of course these topics are not new. But they will be the main focus of what to expect from „digital“ in the future:

1. Semantic Web
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Virtual Worlds
4. Mobile
5. Attention Economy
6. Web Sites as Web Services
7. Online Video / Internet TV
8. Rich Internet Apps
9. International Web
10. Personalization

All are more or less relevant for digital marketing. But especially points 4., 5., 7., and 10. should require our focus. I think these are the most relevant things that will drive the biggest changes to digital marketing in the future. Read the background to these here.

Ten Trends Transforming Marketing Measurements

Engagement By Engagement points me to Ten Mega Trends Transforming Marketing Measurements

They sound reasonable:

  1. Digital Network Adoption
  2. Attention Erosion
  3. Speed of Measurement
  4. Democratization of data and analytics
  5. Observational Measurements
  6. Unstructured Data
  7. Beyond Demographics
  8. Customer centric measurements and planning
  9. Data integration comes of age
  10. Reevaluating relationships with whom and what we measure

More detail on the linked website, well worth a read.

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