PSFK is asking for 2007 Trends

It’s that time of the year again. Time to guess what will happen during the next year. My horoskope said it will be a brilliant year. But that’s just as precise and trustworthy as some of the predictions I posted about last year. Some of it became real, some didn’t. Well, PSFK is asking for 2007 Trends „You Tell Us What Will Be Big!“

People can upload videos to Youtube and find it through a PSFK tag that the video should be tagged with. Easy market research and publicity for PSFK, well done. I will looking into this quite frequently, I guess…

How to Succeed in 2007

Business 2.0 asked 50 influential people How to Succeed in 2007.

A few outtakes I enjoyed:

None of these sound like they’re especially relevant for only 2007, but that’s why I enjoy them even more.