Blogosphere growing by 1 Blog per second…

Wow, just imagine the implications of this. 1.8 million updated weekly, still 55% of more than 14 million active (posting in the last 3 months – not sure if I would really consider that „active“).

Imagine the amount of content, that is being added worldwide. And even more: the amount of crap content that will be part of this. Unimaginable. Increase in clutter seems certain. And just how search engines will cope, too.

Technorati has all the stats.

Again Yahoo, with interesting stuff this time.

Ever more of the web is becoming searchable. And Yahoo! seems to be one of the leaders here, believe it or not. Marketing Vox pointed me to the fact, that in addition to video search (which Google still doesn’t have) it now offers music and sound search. They are not the first, but the most comprehensive, as Yahoo! is allowed to scan most of the internets commercial sites:

a new search engine feature that will pore through millions of songs offered by popular Internet music services like iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster.

writes Businessweek online. But it is also about newscasts, speeches, etc. and, yes, podcasts.

The index identifies the content by reading information – known as „metadata“ – embedded in the files. Which should, hopefully make it relevant – more relevant as if they just searched the site on which the sound files are placed onto.

And one more:

The diversification beyond searching simple text online reflects the Web’s evolution into a multimedia hub

Apparently, we can’t expect anything similar from Google soon, as it „isn’t yet so musically inclined.“

the blur between editorial content and ads is not only happening online

I was just writing about how editorial content and ads (in this case through content-link-ads) merged and that it is even less apparent to users, what’s advertising and what’s not. And then I found this article saying that the same is happening in a couple of free dailies.

This blogpost also links to a page about the ethics of journalism, one them being:

Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two.

I guess the fact that advertising (online and offline) has ever increasing difficulties reaching their target audience with relevant messages in relevant settings, this is just a logical sequence. However I fear this kind of trend, as it will completely blur the lines of commercial „information“ (<-- ads) and information in general. (via)

Photo Tipps from Sony

A nice microsite from Sony for their k750 mobile phone cam focuses on the cam and the art of taking pictures. Just like the TV spot which you can also watch there. Amazing. Anything related to the phone, phone features, etc remains in the background.

what I do like, however, are the tips they offer for hobby photographers just like myself. Especially since I also have a new camera, the features and possibilities of which I am still exploring.
I don’t have that phone, but when I try one of these tricks, I will probably think of Sony nevertheless. Just wondering, if I will actually remember the product name. k750? Well, anyway. Nice site.