Life can be so contradictory sometimes …

Sitting in the sun of our office balcony today, I was very busy explaining to a colleague about joost, about kyteTV, as well as the fact that TV changes and advertising needs to adapt. In essence, I told her, that soon enough regular TV programming will be a thing of the past and that TV stations needs to rethink how they will distribute content (if they want to continue to play a role at all).

And then, right after work, I went to the local computer store in order to buy a DVB-T (digital television) adapter for my laptop, because I want to be able to watch regular television while surfing around the blogs. Stupid, isn’t it?

Links & News, 29.04.07

I guess April was one of the most unproductive months in the history of this blog, with the holidays and the nice weather outside…

Here is a quick catch up on a few headlines that I found after looking into my feedreader for the first time in weeks:

Being a blog addict is not what I have been the last couple of weeks. Here is a list of symptons that you should watch out for.

I got an invitation for joost some time ago and have been checking that out. I was fascinated by the quality of the „free“ IP TV but now I read at Startup Meme that they will indeed integrate ads – even the classical 30″ spot. In addition, they track my viewing behaviour:

Joost will also be creating behavioral profiles of the users based on the viewing habits, likes and dislikes, to serve hyper targeted ads.

Adverblog pointed me to this nice idea for an „interactive“ outdoor ad by Grolsch beer.

eMarketer refers to a study be marketing sherpa about effectiveness of viral marketing tools. Apparently „experienced“ marketers think highly of these things.

At the same time, YouTube is experimenting with pre- and post roll spots in order to find out how and where to best place ads amongst the clips.

Coke has started a virtual promotion with the guys at Crayon, as you can read at Experience Curve. It’s called virtual thirst – since you don’t really drink anything in Second Life, the idea of being „thirsty“ got extended to thirst for fun, experiences, knowledge, etc. They now call for people to enter their virtual Coke machine that delivers against whichever of these „thirsts“.

Anyway, so much for now, I will continue later, once I am through the rest of the feeds.

Back from vacation

Yes, I have been on vacation. I didn’t announce it, that’s right. But you might have noticed, that the last post is rather old. I had 3 weeks, believe it or not. All vacation from last year, which I had to take now in order for it not to be cancelled completely. So I drove around Germany, visiting friends and family in Hamburg, spending some time on the baltic sea and taking a train to Prague to visit a cousin who currently studies there for his MBA. The Fotos from Prague you can find at flickr (where else?).


Interesting is the fact, that I actually spent most of my time during the three weeks not being online. A novelty for me, since I am usually in danger to „wilfing„. But it was actually very refreshing to read some books or just wander aimlessly through the streets and alleys of Prague 😉
And now (or say, tomorrow), I will return to some more regular posting…