Viral Videos: The Top 10 Videos

PSFK lists the top 10 Viral Videos, at least according to the Times Online.

They are:

1 Star Wars Kid (viewed 900 million times)

2 Numa Numa (700m)

3 One Night in Paris (400m)

4 Kylie Minogue: Agent Provocateur (360m)

5 Exploding Whale (350m)

6 John West Salmon Bear Fight (300m)

7 Trojan Games (300m)

8 Kolla2001 (200m)

9 AfroNinja (80m)

10 The Shining Redux (50m)

I must admit I hadn’t seen most of these. And I just wonder, how „The Viral Factory“ measured these figures?

Interesting is one reaction of TV companies:

Television companies, losing viewers to the net, are now launching channels to show “viral videos�.

And apparently they need to react, since:

A BBC Online survey has found that the online video craze is eating into the time that young people spend watching television, with 43 per cent of those who watch video from the internet or on a mobile device at least once a week saying they now watch less normal television as a result.

Links & News, 26.11.06

I haven’t done this in a while, since I prefer proper Blogposts to link lists, but here is a bullet point list of articles about „web 3.0“:

  • Robert Scoble writes about Bill Gates and the fact that Bill Gates thinks we’re again in some sort of bubble. Also providing his own view why he thinks that this is not necessarily true.
  • Dan Farber from ZDNet also thinks that Web 3.0 is bubbling up. And it will be the Semantic Web.
  • The NY Times Article announces Web 3.0 and is seemingly widely discussed. If anything, there is one interesting point:
  • In its current state, the Web is often described as being in the Lego phase, with all of its different parts capable of connecting to one another. Those who envision the next phase, Web 3.0, see it as an era when machines will start to do seemingly intelligent things.

  • Ross Mayfield says there is no „Web 3.0“ and calls it a Marketing Desaster.

It is about the semantic web, which is fine, generally speaking. But I just think there is too much future-hype in this. Web 2.0 hasn’t even happened for the average Joe-on-the-Web. It’s entertainning to think about how „Web 3.0“ will look like, but let’s still focus on Web 2.0 for now, ok?

Seven Brand and Marketing Trends for 2007

Robert Passikoff writes about seven brand and marketing trends for 2007

He starts of with a nice quote:

Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr once noted that “prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,�

And then continues pitching his company USP:

but then he didn’t have access to predictive loyalty metrics. Happily, we at Brand Keys do.

The 7 trends are (*drumroll here*):

  1. An ongoing emphasis on “engagement.�
  2. More reliance on consumer-generated content.
  3. More, more branded entertainment.
  4. Media planning will become more “touch point� focused.
  5. Using technology and engagement to better communicate with consumer expectations.
  6. Expanding the potential of Websites, blogs, and the digital world.
  7. Innovation and loyalty will matter more.

Sounds good. But there is nothing really new in this. The only difference being, that these trends will probably now reach a certain visibility among marketers so that we’ll see a lot more campaigns, tactics, etc. around these 7 points. I am certainly looking forward to that.

Do you believe in the 5? A new campaign by Adidas

Another nice campaign pointed out to me by Adverblog: Adidas wants to know if you believe in the 5:

A new Adidas website by EVB for Flash and basketball fans. „Do you believe in 5?“ starts with a great video, and develops in a website which aims at having basketball players sharing the ideas and ideals they believe in.

I have already added myself to the wall, though I didn’t pick the most creative name (I didn’t know that this name would actually be put on this wall, since I never read instructions with these kind of things).


Seems like this whole community is still largely work in progress… There is a lot of „coming soon“ in the profiles.