How effective is Gamification?

Gamification is no doubt the next important thing for anyone interested in motivating people, target audiences, employees, etc.

It’s not so much about making things playful so they’re generally more fun, but to design motivation experiences.

Just: how effective is it? here is a nice presentation about this:

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Steve Jobs about Marketing Values

I know this has been going around for a few days already, but I had to post it nevertheless. This guy was a marketing genius, no doubt.

YouTube Preview Image

(What made this particularly interesting for me is the fact, that I was watching Mad Men when I found this video and started watching it)

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KLM live twitter reply by a whole team.

A nice example of an impressing idea, that makes a small thing big and produces an enormous amount of effort at the same time. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea. But it’s big – both in fascination, as well as the whole setup….

I know that it is rather hard to convince clients of this kind of idea because of efforts (time, client/agency ressources, money) involved, yet at the same time probably not being able to predict outcome and effect in any way. So Kudos to whichever agency (does anyone know?)…

You can find all of their answer videos on their youtube channel.

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Sweden’s safest hands – another nice mobile marketing campaign

The Sweds tend to come up with quite a few nice mobile marketing campaigns lately. Remember the MINI Getaway?

Now there is a campaign for the Swedish Post called „Sweden’s safest hands“. Using your iPhone, it’s your task to safely deliver virtual parcels around the city:

YouTube Preview Image

Nice idea, but I really wonder, how these campaigns deliver in terms of actual KPI. As playful and involving as they might be – they seem to be very complicated for reaching a large audience.

It probably wasn’t the intention in the first place. Yet somehow I get the feeling that the viral spread of the case videos are the main objective of the communication strategy…

Nevertheless, I like the playful, gamification aspects of both cases!

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