Why Social Media Projects fail: a study.

I missed the last Social Media Club Hamburg meeting, unfortunately. It was booked out when I first looked, and I didn’t have a chance to check the list again later on.

The discussion must have been quite interesting, the topic certainly was: why social media projects fail. Basis for the discussion was a study amongst more than 500 Marketers across Europe.

This is the presentation of the study:

Why Social Media Projects Fail?! – A European Perspective

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The presentation held during the SMCHH Event can be found here. It is based on the facts above, but offers a further discussion angle to the story.
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Tipp-Ex Bear hunter viral video

We all enjoyed the subservient chicken for Burger King. We also enjoyed the Samsung „follow your instinct“ interactive Video story where you can choose how to proceed with the story by clicking on one of several button to continue different paths:

YouTube Preview Image

And we also like youtube advertising, that plays with the layout of the page, as in the movie promo for the Expendables.

Now, Tipp-Ex has combined those three and came up with a nice advertising Campaign:

YouTube Preview Image

You can choose – or shall I say it looks like you can choose – one of two endings. Warning, here is a spoiler:

You don’t have a choice. The bear won’t be shot, in both options the ad changes, the youtube special ad format kicks in and the guy grabs the Tipp-Ex from the box on the righthand side, deletes the word „shoots“ and tells you to tell him, what to do with the bear instead. From then on, it feels like the subservient chicken. You can tell him, for example, to dance with the bear:

Of course, many people tried other commands with the subservient chicken, so I had to try this, too:

Nice combination of stuff that has been seen before… Of course, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter…

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Creatives on a walk for a job

What the heck is going on in ad land? How come, that several creatives are touring from one end of the nation to another? (While documenting their pilgrimmage online on Facebook).

Santiago Cosme and Victor Blanco, two advertising students, are travelling from NY, where they landed, to the HQ of CPB in Colorado.

YouTube Preview Image

In Germany, there are two projects like this currently going on:

Philipp Bertisch und Marcel Günthel, again two Students, are walking across Germany taking up the tradition of craftsmen who travel the country to assist and learn different masters throughout the country. They have been travelling since July already.

And Marcus Brown, who walks for Dr. Peter Figge, with the objective to have a chat with Peter Figge, who recently became CEO of Jung von Matt. Why? Because he wants to work for him. On his way, he hopes to meet interesting people.

What is going on here? Why do these three cases all appear almost at once?

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