Doritos Superbowl Ad Contest – Update

I already blogged about the current Doritos contest before. At Adrants I just found out about the fact that Doritos has announced their 5 top contestants for the superbowl television commercial. These are:

1. „Free Doritos,“ Joe Herbert, Batesville, IN
2. „New Flavor Pitch,“ Oren Brimer, New York, NY
3. „Power of the Crunch,“ Eric Heimbold, Venice, CA
4. „The Chase,“ Chris Roberts, Burbank, CA
5. „Too Delicious,“ Michael Goubeaux, Los Angeles, CA

One of them will be shown during the superbowl. Even the contestants don’t know yet, which one will be aired. They will have to wait until superbowl sunday, in order to find out whether they won, or not. And they will only win the $1 mio., if the ad tops the USA TODAYs annual Ad Meter.

I don’t know how likely that will be, but if the ad competes against all the other professionally made ads of last year, it will be difficult for this particular consumer to rank high, I guess.

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Ikea: Change is coming to the Whitehouse

An excellent and very timely idea by Ikea: At the website „Embrace Change“ Ikea will offer users the chance to speak out and let the future president know their suggestions for fiscally responsible home furnishings:

Well, here is what can happen if you let the Swedish Style take over the Oval Office:

Not sure about that 😉

But starting in 4 days, people will have the chance to add their own suggestions. Apparently, an Oval Office planner will be up and running by then.

Don’t think, somehow, that Obama will react to that…

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Top Internet Marketing Posts and Social Media Casestudy Superlist

Two link tips for some background reading, if you have a lot of time at hand:

If you’re in need of social media case studies, there is a really extensive meta list as compiled by Robin of the Interactive Insights Group. Meaning: it’s a list of links to sites with lists of casestudies. Nothing you can read in one go, but definitely something for your bookmarks.

Secondly, there is a gigantic list of the best internet marketing posts of 2009, as compiled by Tamar Weinberg. Again, bring some time along – or just bookmark it for future reference, as I did 🙂

(both found at steve rubels lates links.)

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„Where the hell is Matt“ was a hoax, admits Matt.

Everybody must have seen one of the „where the hell is Matt“ Videos. The guy travelling around the world, dancing in some of the most remote places on this planet.

Recently, speculations have been increasing about the whole thing being a fake. Well, now Matt answers to this accusations, admitting that it was, indeed, a viral marketing campaign, that he’s an actor (he played a corpse on CSI Miami), and that all the other people in the videos are robots.

But see for yourself, it’s groundbreaking news:

(via metafilter)


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