The road trip in the south west of the USA

… is starting tomorrow. Well, not quite, we’re first flying to NY. But on Monday, we’ll arrive in Phoenix and then hit a few national parks, drive along the west coast from San Diego to San Francisco and back to Phoenix.
For all of those speaking German, you can find updates, travel diaries and many fotos here.

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Tiger Woods answers and walks on water

This is a fantastic response of a brand (EA Games) and a sportsman (Tiger Woods) to a piece of user generated content. In the video, someone claims to have found a glitch in a golf game by EA games – i.e. how he can make the computer animated Tiger woods run on water.
In the next video below EA games and Tiger Woods show, that it wasn’t a glitch at all. Tiger Woods is indeed capable of doing „Jesus Shots“. Great stuff. Mind you, it took them nearly a year to find the video and post the answer – but nevertheless, very funny!

The report on the „glitch“

Tiger proving the Jesus Shot:

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New Blog, new topics – a new travelblog

A new blog for each topic. After a blog about new and cool stuff on the net, tips for inspiration and motivation, as well as funny videoclips I have now opened a new blog – a travel blog named  It is, my dear english readers, also in german – as the others. (This blog here is the only one in english, since the topic of digital media marketing is too international to keep it within the german blogosphere.)

For you, my dear german readers, the travelblog will provide you with a photo and text documentary of my travels – the first one being a fantastic tour of the west coast of the USA. You can find more information about the places we’ll visit over here. And here is a map of the trip:

Größere Kartenansicht

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A List of Brands using Twitter

A really extensive list of brands utilizing twitter can be found at this location, called the twitter brand index. A lot more, than I thought, and a lot more US-focused (for obvious reasons) than I would have liked.

This at least solves the question: is twitter already relevant for marketing? It does not yet solve the question: is it effective for marketing? But that question will probably only be answered much later, once the user base of twitter has reached a critical mass.

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