Blogs to Riches – The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom — New York Magazine

New York Magazine has a rather long story about A, B and C list bloggers and how some earn serious money, while other (such as this one) just cost a lot of, well, mostly time.

What’s more, a blog is like a shark: If it stops moving, it dies. Without fresh postings every day—hell, every few minutes—even the most well-linked blog will quickly lose its audience.

Looking at how much I posted this year, it’s no surprise that this is no A-Blog.

But: if it needs that much posting to be an A-Blog, I don’t think I would want to be that in the first place. Just go to that article and read about the amount of work and paranoia some these people are putting into it – and not all of them get good money out of it.

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This is a great yet simple idea: at one can locate large garbage things people put out on the street, such as furniture, tires, etc.
The photos are uploaded by people using mobile phones and send the image plus location and description via their cellphone to this website.

Nice, as the idea may be, sofar there doesn’t seem to be any „nice“ garbage in NY…

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