There are posts here and here about a new advergame of Rover. You have to race against the clock, driving past famous landmarks and buildings, at the same time you need to take pictures of these. Nice, but I agree with Ernie Schenk who asks why they have done this, when the target group of Rover is really 47 years on average, high income, etc.
Possibility though: the game is in fact for Muffy and Dallas and Remy (as Ernie calls the imaginary kids of the Rover target group). So they can tell their dad to buy a rover…

Even though I love digital marketing tactics, I admit that I don’t think it is always suitable for all target groups. Some will in future allways be better reached talked to through the digitial media, but some will not, for a long time. This limitation of digital marketing will stay with us for quite some time.

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