Link update:
in the by now really interesting discussion with Martin, he pointed me to bowfly and in the comments of Martins post, Markus pointed me to Netzpolitik, which had an article about Vores Oel.
Both breweries, bowfly and Vores Oel, are excellent examples of OSM, as people can create their own beer, and in the case of bowfly, people also receive shares of the company, so they become partners.
And everything happens under the creative commons license: if you change the original recipe, you will have to publish it.
That and the already mentioned are real examples of OSM – the other ones I mentioned below, are only „Open Source Advertising“, as Martin clarified correctly…
I just wonder, if there are more examples outside the brewery industry? Nevermind P&G – for them it’s a respectable move nevertheless, but for them it’s easier to test-balloon something like this…

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