Google+ Business Pages have launched!

Well, not for every business just yet. As Vic Gundotra SVP of Google Engineering writes, only a few businesses have their pages up by know. Other organisations can follow shortly.

(UPDATE: it seems like everyone can create them now. I just created two, one for my hobby project vanille shop and one for my employer DDB Tribal.)

A number of pages are already available (see below), but any organization will soon be able to join the community at

This video shows a little more about the use case for businesses:

YouTube Preview Image

I especially like the quote at the end: „Business don’t make people happy. People do.“ Very true. Business is about people.

One interesting feature is „Google+ Direct Connect“. This allows you to put brand pages into one of your circles almost directly from the google search results. It has already been implemented for +pepsi, +toyota or +google (unfortunately, I can’t see that within the german google site just yet). Here is a video about it.

YouTube Preview Image


(via mashable)

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New: YouTube Trends – find the latest virals.

Google Launches „YouTube Trends„, A Site For Keeping Up On The Latest Viral Videos:

YouTube Preview Image

As business insider writes:
The site will mix algorithmically determined lists of popular videos with posts providing context for the latest trends on YouTube.

Interesting though, that it is a blog-like site, hosted under Google’s blogger services It shows the the main trending videos in blog style, while offering filters for trending topics, categories, etc.

Once you click on „discover video trends near you“, you get to a trends dashboard, that is hosted on youtube again.

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Googles Advertising Goggles

This seems to be an interesting way to enrich plain advertising.

YouTube Preview Image

I just wonder, whether or not people will really „goggle“ print ads? They must be really interested in the messaging, the product, etc.

But once „goggles“ has a real content benefit, it will be easier for Google to stick some context relevant advertising next to the goggled content.

(found here)

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Waving or buzzing – Google’s new Buzz.

So Google has launched „buzz“, which is a social network simulating extension to GMail, if you ask me. You can share photos, videos, status messages – and people can follow your profile, see what you share and comment on it in real time. Apparently. I haven’t found anyone yet to „buzz“ with.

It’s supposed to be an attack on sites like facebook or tools like twitter. I just wonder, if it is strong enough to get people of these two other services. They are quite sticky already, especially facebook, since they’re offering lots of functions, games, content upload options, etc. – and quite many people have established their network on facebook, it will take some persuading luring these network-settled people over to a new network.

Anyway, how does that align with Google Wave? Will they integrate the two at some point? Or will Buzz just be for sharing, chatting and connecting while Wave will be more about real collaboration? We’ll see… And see this video here, it explains the main points in less than 2 minutes:


(UPDATE: here is another good take on the whole launch, including the relation to Wave.)


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The valuable relationship between SEO and SMM

Something which I am currently thinking about is the relationship between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. There surely is a direct relationship, and this short post about SEO and Social Media Marketing mentions it, too:

When it comes to social media, millions of links are shared every day on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and blogs.  As more people share a link to a website, the ranking of the webpage will increase.  So the more your links are shared via social media, the more search engines pick up on this and increase your website’s overall rank.

But it doesn’t only work in one direction – it also works the other way around:

It’s also important to note SEO’s impact on social media.  Primarily, if a link is easier to find on a search engine, then people are more likely to share it.

So far, SMM and SEO experts don’t seem to be working together much. Social Media Marketers might think about a presence on Youtube, or conducting a „blogger outreach“ programm, some crowdsouring, etc.

But when selecting platforms or target audiences, Social Media Marketers tend to only think about „social value“ of the respective platform or person. This Social Value is determined by the potential influence of that platform or person on the opinion or actions of other users.

The SEO tends to only think in „Link Value“ of a platform. When doing offsite optimization, SEOs try to place links on other sites that have a high link value in the „eyes“ of Google, so that it helps to improve the ranking of the SEOs site.

So SEOs don’t necessarily care about the Social Value of a site, and SMMs don’t care about the Link Value of a site.

Quite often this might correlate, since the Google Algorithm is based on social dynamics (sofar, most links are still published by human beings), but not always. And as far as I know, SEOs and SMMs don’t yet plan their activities together, trying to increase the intersection between the two online marketing approaches. It could prove to be interesting to unite these two approaches the next time activities are planned!

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Nice idea for an ordinary product: Inside Google

Coming up for an original idea for a rather ordinary product like the cereal wheetabix isn’t always easy.

In this case, it’s a play on the fact that wheetabix as a breakfast gives you energy for the whole day. So they came up with a questions that is interesting for all of us: „What makes the worlds largest search engine work?“


The answer: a library lady who assembles all the information within 0.12 seconds (or so), you can take a peak behind the Google screen over here.

When you’re not typing search queries yourself, it seems like you can see queries of other people as live search. But somehow I don’t believe that…

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