Heiratsantrag als „Deal“ bei Groupon!

Da hat doch tatsächlich jemand seinen Heiratsantrag als Groupon Deal gestaltet – wie romantisch!

Aus der „Deal Beschreibung“:

Nontransferable. Groupon entitled to no less than 15% of your marital bliss. Either party may develop a snoring problem. One or both participants will not always look like a 20-year-old.

With a simple answer of „yes,“ Dana B. gets to spend the rest of her life with Groupon-approved Stand-up Guy Greg H., who vows to always eat the disgusting bacon from her plate while giving her his tender, delicious mushrooms. A lifetime with Greg H. also comes with such perks as an always-willing concert partner, at least a dozen movie nights over the course of the fiscal year, IT support, and a continued willingness to pretend to enjoy theater.

Die spinnen doch – aber der „Deal“ scheint ja zustande gekommen zu sein…

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