Don’t you think some clients would love to hear audiences say that?

There is a new meme going around the blogosphere/twittersphere. It’s called „Things real people don’t say about advertising“ and depicts typical things clients/marketers might want their target audiences to say or think about their advertising/website/banner ads, etc.

Love it! People already seem to be sending in their own stuff, so this could turn out to be brilliant lunchtime entertainment!

(thanks, Carsten!)

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Intel, the visual life: the sartorialist.

OK, another one from Intel, but again well worth watching. The sartorialist, one of the most famous streetphotographers, is featured in a fantastic 7 minute long movie, with only a short intel logo at the end. This is content I like to watch, where I don’t mind the ad message at the end. Of course, in a few shots you see the sartorialist, Scott Schumann, sitting in front of the screen of his (assumingly intel based) computer.

Make sure you watch this in HD / 1080, its amazing footage:

YouTube Preview Image
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New: YouTube Trends – find the latest virals.

Google Launches „YouTube Trends„, A Site For Keeping Up On The Latest Viral Videos:

YouTube Preview Image

As business insider writes:
The site will mix algorithmically determined lists of popular videos with posts providing context for the latest trends on YouTube.

Interesting though, that it is a blog-like site, hosted under Google’s blogger services It shows the the main trending videos in blog style, while offering filters for trending topics, categories, etc.

Once you click on „discover video trends near you“, you get to a trends dashboard, that is hosted on youtube again.

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Vagabond Life: living and traveling in Latin America

It’s a great advantage to have a cousin and best friend who travels a lot. I have spent quite a few vacations just visiting my cousin Gerhard in whatever location he lived at that time.

It’s also always interesting to listen to the stories of my cousin. Travelling most of Latin America, he has experienced many interesting and quite a few peculiar things and knows a lot about what to do, where to go, what to try, etc.

It gets even better now, that my cousin decided to share his travel stories, adventures and travel tips with a wider audience, i.e. everybody. Here is his way of sharing: He just recently created the blog „Vagabond Life„:

The blog offers tips of every sort. Things as in the screenshot above: „The drink of choice in Buenos Aires„, but also „Running in Buenos Aires„, „how to use facebook as a traveller„, as well as simply stuff like „Foreign Currency Exchance„.

These tips will soon cover many countries in Latin America, since my Cousin usually travels to at least 3-4 different countries a year, with Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico being amongst the most often visited.

If my cousin keeps up pumping out about 2 posts a week, as he plans to, this could soon turn into one of the most valuable ressources for travel information on latin america on the web!

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11 Trends by Armano and Rubel – and my take for Germany.

Steve Rubel and David Armano of Edelman  just released 11 trends to watch in 2011. Most are to be expected, when reading the tech / social media blogosphere. But still a good curation, as they call it themselves:


The trends overview:

  • Attentionomics – Marketers begin to realize the value of attention and not just reach in driving conversion
  • Digital Curation – The plethora of content will give rise to digital curators who can separate art from junk
  • Developer Engagement – Marketers typically don’t try to court developers, but that’s all about to change
  • Transmedia Storytelling – If there’s one constant it’s that humans crave stories. Technology creates new expectations
  • Thought Leadership – Companies recognize they must activate credible individual expert voices who can create content
  • The Integration Economy – Social media efforts can no longer exist in fragmented, non-formal initiatives. They begin to integrate
  • Ubiquitous Social Computing – As competition heats up mobile devices, consumers closer to being socially connected anywhere
  • Location, Location, Facebook – If 2010 belonged to solely Foursquare, it’s likely that Facebook will rain on their parade in 2011
  • Social Media Schizophrenia – Social overload is no longer a problem for tech mavens, but a broader population
  • Google Strikes Back – Google proves that the best way to beat Facebook & Twitter is to do what they do best: index them to pieces
  • Viva La Social Web Site – Businesses realize that integrating social functionality into their existing web sites is what users now expect

(Taken from Dave Armano’s blog)

With respect to the German landscape, here are some of my takes on it:

  • I really hope that the discussion moves away from „reach“ towards „attention“, and that we will find adequate KPI. But somehow I doubt that either will happen in 2011 already.
  • I am sure we’ll see a lot more transmedia storytelling (which I like),
  • as well as more integrate approaches, at least within the bigger and more advanced companies, after having done their baby steps on the social web in the last years.
  • Facebook will increasingly dominate the social web in Germany, with nearly 14 Million Germans having joined the network. It will also dominate marketing efforts and agency briefings.  One should hope that users won’t get fed up by too many lame marketing approaches.
  • Location, Location: this will get bigger every year. However, whether or not Facebook will make the run really depends on their next updates to „places“. In it’s current state (in Germany), Places is simply boring.
  • Social Websites: this has already started well in 2011 in Germany, it will just be a strong continuation.
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