„Where the hell is Matt“ was a hoax, admits Matt.

Everybody must have seen one of the „where the hell is Matt“ Videos. The guy travelling around the world, dancing in some of the most remote places on this planet.

Recently, speculations have been increasing about the whole thing being a fake. Well, now Matt answers to this accusations, admitting that it was, indeed, a viral marketing campaign, that he’s an actor (he played a corpse on CSI Miami), and that all the other people in the videos are robots.

But see for yourself, it’s groundbreaking news:

(via metafilter)


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  1. The videos were definitely not fake; Matt’s „confession“ was a tongue-in-cheek bit of sarcasm aimed at those who claimed it was fake.

    Stop and think…it should be obvious that it would be MUCH less expensive to send Matt and a videographer around the world than to buy or build all the animatronics, let alone pay the people to dress them and operate them.

    Then consider that Photo Shop is a great graphics program, but a project of this nature is WAY beyond its capability…and again, think of how much you’d have to pay someone to do all the editing.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I am well aware of that 😉 But I didn’t want to give it away for anyone in order to not spoil the fun of watching Matt’s funny speach.


  3. Search for Gnomedex and Matt from this years Gnomedex 2008 – Matt was onstage and gave a presentation and played the video and invited everyone onstage – it was great.

    thanks for sharing this

  4. Hey Jeff don’t take this personally but, post that the video isn’t fake ain’t helping him. It’s hard to belive but alot of people actually will believe that this is a fake.

  5. you are an ass! really? this guy makes people smile, something many people don’t do enough!i think its because of people like you that he started doing these videos in the first place!! you are ignorant enough to actually believe that he’s a fake, then you are definitely the type of person he was trying to reach in the first place. Lighten up. Have some fun. Just dance.

  6. Hes ace, I hope he does a 2009 video. I love watching the other 4 hes done. N Catherine ur right that guy (chris) is an ass, Hes prob jus jealous he will never b able go the places on them videos.

  7. if you watch closely and pause at 8 min 73 seconds, and have a decent magnifying glass, you’ll see that this is not the real Matt. It’s actually an annamatronic puppet. Much easier and cheaper to just have to make the one. It’s scarily real though…

  8. First off, I love all of the where the hell is matt videos, but you guys are ridiculous. He was just being funny! The vids ARE real, stride payed for the trips. And robots? You guys actually believed all of them are robots?

    What is happening to humanity? USE SOME COMMON SENSE.

  9. Yea ,I busted him,cry wolf
    He used the same thermo clip in 3 diffident episodes,This is 100 percent fact and true .
    I think it was from the first year of filming.What a joke,

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