Heineken Advergame: Google Maps with real life geo tracking.

Heineken in the Netherlands has launched a new advergame which looks interesting. The game asks playes to spot and track the delivery men of Heineken around the Netherlands and find out what their next stop will be. Whoever guesses correctly first, gets the chance to win a Nokia phone. So in a way, this game play is not that complicated or creative.


What I admire, is something completely different: Apparantly, these delivery men are tracked in real time with real journey data, during the regular working hours. And this is remarkable. I have also worked for clients with a huge fleet of delivery vehicles and I do appreciate the fact that Heineken managed to include their drivers into this game. Creatives usually come up easily with lots of brilliant ideas how to connect the mobile workforce of a client with a webpage via all sorts of mobile devices like phones or GPS tracking devices. But organisational reality most of the time kills these ideas.

So this won’t have been easy to push through the internal, most likely rather political, approval and commitment chain in order to get the buy in of all the different departments (marketing, distribution, logistics, etc.). Kudos, I like that.


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  1. Hi Roland,

    it’s a really great game!
    I love the live-tracking idea in googlemaps.

    My favorite GoogleMaps live-tracking mashup is the Public Transport Map of Helsinki. With implemented live tracking of all public transport vehicles!
    You can see when the bus is driving into your street, and all schedules are updated in realtime!

    Check it out:

    Best regards,

  2. Roland, I know which company you are talking about. Huge fleet of delivery vehicles and stuff. No way they would have been as bold as Heineken is with this game.

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