Back to December

Some might have seen it already: I had some database problems over the last couple of hours. This was due to the fact that during some maintenance work the databases got lost (don’t ask!).

Unfortunately, my brothers and I were moving to a new, much better server over the last few months. This blog was already sitting on the new server, on which – because of some miscommunication – nobody had turned on the automatic backup function yet. So it’s back to december, when the last backup was made on the old server…

So that’s why the last post before this is was from xmas.
But I made use of something that usually bothers webmasters: the fact that Google caches websites for at least 2 weeks. I copied the contents from the Google cache and will repost them under the respective dates in the next few days. That way, I will only have lost a few days worth of posts from the first half of January…

[26.01.07: Most posts of January are now recovered.]

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