Links & News – 04. May

  • Adverblog has some stats on the alternative online advertising channels (blogs, RSS, etc.). Growth rates of 190% are fantastic. Just don’t tell anyone your starting at next to zero…
  • PFSK pointed me to a post on their companion site „IF„, which lists trend aggregator websites – highly recommendable!“
  • popurls is one they forgot in this list. This covers newest links, entries, headlines, fotos, videos, etc. of all the new and/or hip sites, such as youtube, flickr,, furl, digg, etc. Fascinating, go check it out.
  • Joseph Jaffe starts an interesting discussion about that fact MSM should, reallistically, also send trackbacks (or references as such) to blogs, if they heard about the story through blogs first. And I completely agree! Never be „ashamed“ of your sources. Especially not at times, when it is apparent that bloggers quite often have the first (not necessarily the best) insights into stories.
  • Too bad. But I can see why. Would be even more so the case in Germany…

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