Open Source Marketing

Open Source Marketing has been a topic in the latest „Across the sound“ Podcast of Rubel and Jaffe. With the first ever guest being Dave Chase, who already wrote some posts about open source marketing.

I still think, after this discussion with Martin Oetting [DE] and James Cherkoff, that there should be a differentiation between open source marketing and open source advertising.

Open source marketing is about how much will you let your target audience take part in the typical PPPPs. (See
Open source advertising is just about the fact how much you will let your audience participate in the one P – Promotion – of your product. (See Converse)

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. Companies doing „open source advertising“ (as opposed to „open source marketing“) limit the potential insights they can glean from their customers, partners, bloggers, etc.

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