The voyeurism of „Watchme change“

Watch me change of „The Gap“ is a site with good ambitions and it just plays on the voyeuristic mind of everybody, doesn’t it?

You first select your avatar (male / female), then you choose body and face features, then you choose what clothes they should change into, and then: watch them dance and strip to the music.

Of course, as a girl, you could choose a girl, personalise your own features, select your favourite clothes, etc. But in reality? No doubt: Guys will form girls avatars to their own taste and then watch them strip – same for the girls forming guy avatars.

Nice app, because you spend several minutes with the brand „Gap“, but this thing is too flat, in my opinion. I wonder if this really has the power of viral, ie if it is inspiring enough, so that people send this link on to their friends…

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